Acro & Tumbling at Spirit Gymnastics!

Welcome to the exciting world of Acro & Tumbling at Spirit Gymnastics! We are thrilled to offer this dynamic and rapidly growing sport as part of our class lineup. Acro & Tumbling (A&T) has become the next big thing in women’s college sports, combining elements of gymnastics and competitive cheerleading to create a thrilling and powerful discipline.

What is Acro & Tumbling?

In the most basic sense, Acro & Tumbling is a combination of gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. The sport blends power tumbling with stunting and acrobatics, evolving from different forms of gymnastics. Participants in this sport showcase remarkable strength, power, flexibility, and balance through various skills, including:

  • Tumbling
  • Tosses
  • Acrobatic lifts
  • Pyramids

Why Choose Acro & Tumbling?

Acro & Tumbling is the newest trend in collegiate sports, now featuring in 60 universities across the country at the Division I through III levels. It provides a fantastic opportunity for gymnasts, cheerleaders, and even powerlifters to earn college scholarships while pursuing their passion.

Our Acro & Tumbling Developmental Class

Our Acro & Tumbling Developmental Class is specifically tailored as a precursor to placement on a competitive team. This program is designed to teach the core elements of A&T, including age-appropriate tumbling, tosses, pyramids, and more. It is the perfect sport for young athletes looking to develop their skills and gain a competitive edge for future college opportunities.

Class Highlights:

  • Age-appropriate training: Ensuring safety and proper skill development.
  • Core elements of A&T: Focused on the foundational skills necessary for success in Acro & Tumbling.
  • Preparation for competition: Tailored to prepare athletes for competitive team placement.

Join us and be part of the latest and most exciting trend in collegiate sports! Discover the perfect blend of gymnastics and cheerleading with our Acro & Tumbling program.

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