Welcome to the Boys' Gymnastics 4X4 Program at Spirit Gymnastics!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our Boys' Gymnastics 4X4 Program at Spirit Gymnastics. This exciting new program is designed to introduce young boys to the sport of gymnastics, using equipment already familiar from women's competitions. Our mission is to foster a love for gymnastics in boys and provide them with a strong foundation for success in all sports.

Our Mission

At Spirit Gymnastics, we believe that gymnastics is the cornerstone of athletic development. Our Boys' Gymnastics 4X4 Program aims to:

  • Introduce Men’s Gymnastics: Utilizing equipment used in women's gymnastics competitions, we aim to make men's gymnastics more accessible and familiar.
  • Increase Participation: By making gymnastics more approachable, we hope to encourage more boys to join and benefit from the sport.

Program Benefits

Gymnastics offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the gym. Our program helps boys develop:

  • Strength: Building physical power essential for all sports.
  • Flexibility: Enhancing movement range and reducing injury risk.
  • Balance: Improving coordination and stability.
  • Motor Skills: Refining fine and gross motor skills crucial for athletic performance.
  • Self-Discipline and Hard Work: Instilling values that contribute to success in sports and life.

Program Structure

The 4X4 Program focuses on foundational skills and practices for levels 1-3. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in up to four events:

  • Floor Exercise
  • Vault
  • High Bar
  • Mushroom

Our boys' team will participate at in-house competitions and the Spirit Classic. We are also planning to expand our competition schedule for the 2025-2026 season.

Join Us!

We are incredibly excited about this new program and the opportunities it presents for young athletes. If you're interested in joining the Boys' Gymnastics 4X4 Program at Spirit Gymnastics, please contact us for more information.

Let’s build a strong foundation together and watch our athletes soar!