At Spirit Gymnastics, we believe in nurturing talent and passion for gymnastics at every level. Introducing SPIRIT DIAMONDS, our exclusive recreational team designed for advanced gymnasts who want to showcase their skills without the full-time commitment of our competitive team.


Showcase Your Skills

  • SPIRIT DIAMONDS offers a platform for advanced gymnasts to perform and shine in various events and exhibitions.
  • Perfect for gymnasts who have a love for the sport and wish to continue honing their skills

Flexible Commitment

  • Enjoy the excitement and thrill of gymnastics with a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  • Ideal for those who are passionate about gymnastics but have other commitments such as school, other sports, or hobbies.

Supportive Community

  • Be a part of a team that values passion, dedication, and excellence.
  • Train with experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best.

What to Expect

Engaging Training Sessions

  • Participate in well-structured training sessions focused on enhancing your gymnastics skills.
  • Develop your strength, flexibility, balance, and technique in a fun and supportive environment.

Performance Opportunities

  • Showcase your talents at special events, exhibitions and in-house competitions.
  • Experience the joy of performing without the pressure of competition.

Team Spirit

  • Build lifelong friendships and team spirit with fellow gymnasts who share your passion.
  • Enjoy a sense of belonging and camaraderie in our Spirit Gymnastics family.
  • Each member will receive a DIAMONDS leotard.


Ready to sparkle with SPIRIT DIAMONDS? Take the next step in your gymnastics journey and join a team that celebrates your love for the sport. Come shine bright with Spirit Gymnastics and become a part of the SPIRIT DIAMONDS today!