Vala Rhea Bennett

Meet Our Coaches - Vala Rhea Bennett

Preschool Director

Vala is the mastermind behind the accomplished preschool program at Spirit Gymnastics. As a former gymnast and coach and now a lesson plan specialist, she knows that a successful preschool program must be individualized and engaging while maintaining consistency. Vala creates a captivating, welcoming and stimulating environment for young children to grow and learn through unique ideas and age-appropriate activities with bright colors, equipment, and themes. Her lesson plans provide opportunities for active play, exploration, and creativity.

In 2021, Vala developed VRB Gymnastics Media to allow other gym owners and coaches to obtain her lesson plans and resources online. Vala is also an accomplished musician, lead singer, and guitar player for the Orlando-based band, Strumrunner. When off-stage and not in the gym, she enjoys spending time with her two sons and her husband, Dan.